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Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, & Trauma-Informed Yoga Services

Fully certified Children's Yoga Teacher, specialised in Yoga Therapy for different diagnoses.
Yoga Therapy Services for different injuries, challenges and diagnoses.
Trauma-Informed Yoga as an efficient and life-changing addition to room-based therapy. 

Kids Yoga

Kids' Yoga

Effectively increasing kids' calm, confidence, social skills, motivation and concentration and making a real difference in children's lives through efficient movement, breath work and mindfulness. 

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Therapy

Supporting joint health, lower back strength and a variety of diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, Diabetes and skin issues, through therapy movements, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. 

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Trauma-Informed Yoga

Experiencing a yoga class that offers you an understanding of how trauma affects your body and of how different practices can support you with working through trauma in a somatic way. 

Yoga Inspired Therapy

Yoga Therapy

In a world where we constantly get distracted and bombarded with "to do's", thoughts and confusion, yoga offers us a way to slow down, connect, energise ourselves, and make conscious decisions.

As a previous NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner, Maxime has seen so many young kids, teenagers & their parents struggle with

  • emotional dysregulation,

  • unhelpful & unhealthy stress & anxiety,

  • low confidence, self-esteem & self-care,

  • withdrawal and loneliness,

  • depression

  • high distractibility,

  • unhealed trauma, and

  • poor social and communication skills.

She also noticed more and more young people needing support with physical conditions such as:

  • bowel and back problems,

  • unhealthy digestion & elimination,

  • specific organ dysfunctions,

  • breathing difficulties,

  • spinal misalignments,

  • sleeping disorders,

  • skin & weight issues.

The Yoga Assisted Support sessions we refer to are based on ancient yoga science and meridian-based yoga therapy teachings. In addition to her Certificate IV (800hr) in Yoga Teaching, Maxime is a certified Children's and Teens' Yoga Teacher, and specialised in Yoga Therapy. Through the use of highly specific and targeted therapy movements and breathwork, Yoga Therapy sessions have proven to give effective support to clients who suffer from ADHD, ASD, Obesity, Depression, Bad Posture, Asthma Allergies, Digestive Issues, Stress and Anxiety, etc.


Sessions are offered privately or in small groups up to 10 people, and are taught to kids, teens & adults.

Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Body Image Support

These sessions are an invitation to those whose experiences with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and/or negative Body Image withhold them from living a joyful and meaningful life, and from experiencing healthy relationships with self and others. 

The main focus of the sessions is that participants feel safe and heard, and that the entire session feels tolerable for each client, so clients are feeling supported to grow and develop new understandings, knowledge, skills, habits and patterns. 

Sessions are offered as specialised small group programs (max. of 10 participants), are based on a triad of perspectives and combine teachings from the science of Yoga, Psychology & Social justice.

Beach Yoga
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