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What days do you operate?

We operate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for private Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy sessions.
Professional team wellbeing programs can be booked on any day except for Friday, including a weekend day at a 10% surcharge.
Retreats go ahead on fixed dates, Friday - Sunday. 

Where are you located and how do I get to the ranch?

We are located in South Ballina NSW. You can either take Exit Wardell, or cross the river via Ballina Burns Point Ferry. 

How do I make a booking?


You can fill out our booking form or email

What if my session gets cancelled due to bad weather?

We do have access to two different covered areas so we can be protected from the sun, rain and/or wind. In the event of extreme weather conditions that could affect the safety of the experience, we will contact you with the option to cancel or reschedule.

Can I reschedule my appointment if timing doesn't work out?

Yes, regarding you have given 48 hours notice, your appointment can be rescheduled without extra fees. Go to Cancellation Policy for more information.

What if I am late to my appointment?

We suggest leaving 15 minutes prior to how long it takes to avoid issue with the ferry or traffic further down Wardell way. Arriving 15 minutes early is perfectly fine and you can enjoy the surroundings of the ranch before the session begins. 

Can I use my NDIS funding?

Yes, participants who have an NDIS plan and are either self- or plan-managed, can use their NDIS funding to pay for private sessions. 

Will I be able to ride a horse?

Mounted sessions on horseback are possible after a minimum of 3x sessions on the ground. As our sessions are a learning and therapy experience, other than a horse riding experience, our sessions can off short (10-15 minute) mounted exercises on a lead, at a walk, for experienced clients under 70 kg, depending on the learning / therapy goals of the participant. 

What does it mean to take the ferry?

For those who wish to travel through Ballina and opt for the ferry; this is a short 5 minute ferry crossing from Burns Point and you arrive on the south side of Ballina. The ferry costs $7 each way. 



What if a Team Wellbeing program gets cancelled due to bad weather?

In the event that we determine weather conditions to be hazardous or the grounds excessively wet, we reserve the right to postpone your program. Should you have concerns regarding the weather on the day of your scheduled program, especially if you're traveling a considerable distance, please don't hesitate to contact us the day before your departure for further assistance and guidance. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. 


What if I’m nervous around horses?

We understand that for some, horses can present a sense of angst and fear and where this is certainly rational it has been known that these feelings can subside within minutes. Should anyone not wish to participate with the horses they can simply withdraw whenever they choose and our experienced facilitators will guide them through the next steps.




For privately paid sessions: 


The total amount will be charged and invoiced for if booked sessions are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. NDIS funded clients will be charged the full session fee if booked sessions are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

For Team Wellbeing:

We will fully refund any booking that is cancelled at least 2 weeks before date chosen. Cancellations within the two weeks or no shows on the day of the program will lose their deposit. 


Please note in the event of refusals’, refunds will not be granted. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions below.


  • For health and safety reasons participants are required to wear appropriate wear including; closed toe shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing. We request guests bring their own hat and sunglasses

  • Failure to comply with safety guidelines & instructions, displays of aggression or intoxication will result in refusal or immediate termination of your experience

  • We strive to deliver a safe and enjoyable horse experience for all

If there is a question not answered here please get in contact to let us know your query, contact us here.

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