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Equine Assisted Mindfulness & Movement Workshop

To improve mental and physical fitness, create loving connections with self and others and boost internal health.

20th of May 2023
8am-12pm at Sugar Beach Ranch

Come and settle in at Sugar Beach Ranch, 60 acres that is home to a wonderful herd of horses, right next to the ocean.

Empower yourself with an inspirational and feel-good movement experience with

Simon Borg-Olivier 

A Physiotherapist and internationally well-known Movement Specialist who combines modern medical science with traditional practices such as Hatha Yoga and Qi Gong.

Simon studied with great Masters from Tibet, Japan, India, and China for more than 40 years, and now shares a system of dynamic meditative movement practices that support awareness around spinal alignment, core strength, hip health, and supportive breathing.

Before we all gather around the pool area for lunch, we visit the horses for a magical Equine Inspired Mindfulness session facilitated by Maxime.


Has a background in Competitive and Classical Dressage, is fully certified through The Equine Psychotherapy Institute Australia, and is a Yoga Teacher, specializing in Yoga Therapy.  

Inspired by Simon’s practice we will join the horses to experience our internal calm state, increase our focus & concentration, and nourish healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Equine & Yoga Assisted Therapy
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Practical Information

Start: 8am

Finish: 12pm

Tickets: $300 (light lunch included)

20% Bring-A-Friend-Discount

Limited to 15x lucky participants.

All activities with the horses are on the ground (no horse riding involved), and will be out in nature, where the horses are at liberty.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

From riders, horsemen & -women from all backgrounds, to sportsmen & -women who would like to strengthen and reconnect with their body & mind, with self & others, including horses.

Everybody who would benefit from experiencing and deepening their understanding of calming their nervous system & strengthening their own body and mind in a stress-free way.

All of you who would like to feel more energized, calmer, more connected, and joyful, and experience life with less mental, emotional, and physical pain.

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For more information about facilitators and venue, please visit:

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